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coco April 14th, 2018


Hello! I’m Coco and I am the Founder and Creative Director of Cote Interiors. I figured since you’re taking the time to visit the blog and read my musings, it would only be polite to introduce myself. So, consider this my digital double-cheek air kiss.

Here is a bit about me:

I grew up in Belize. It is a tiny, English & Spanish speaking country in Central America. While Belize borders Mexico and Guatemala, it is a former British colony and is still a part of the Commonwealth. This unique combination of history and geography makes for a vibrant, multi-faceted culture. The island I was raised on, San Pedro, sits in the Caribbean Sea and has unbelievable diving, snorkelling, and fishing.

My childhood home is called Casa Verde (‘green house’ in Spanish) and is an octagonal house painted British Racing Green. It has inspired my love of interiors that are just a little bit quirky and a lot a bit clever. My island upbringing has given me a penchant for coastal interiors with character and a healthy dose of colour.

I went to boarding school and university in the States. Always on the East Coast, I lived in Boston and Washington, D.C. while studying and then moved to New York when I graduated. I worked in buying and merchandising at well-known fashion brands for several years while there, as well as when I lived in London. My time in the sartorial sphere taught me about mixing seemingly opposing styles with balance and grace. It made me forever a fan of a high-low look both in clothes and interiors.

I have lived in Sydney since Christmas Eve 2016 and waking up here on Christmas Day was one of the greatest presents I have ever received. I love living in Manly and plan to reside in Australia forever with my husband, Peter, and Lulu, the doggo in the photo with me. I am so inspired by the natural beauty of this vast country, as well as the amazing lifestyle, charming culture, and excellent coffee. My beachside lifestyle here has been the perfect backdrop for me to follow my passion for interior design and launch my own studio.

I studied Interior Design at Sydney Design School, where I earned my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration with awards for my residential and hospitality projects. I have also worked as a Stylist and Interior Designer in the Northern Beaches, but have always envisioned having my own studio.

I live for the detail. I love considering every element, no matter how small, and coming up with a clever solution for a design dilemma gives me a thrill. I pride myself on my eye for detail but know that when I say it, there is bound to be a typo…

I believe balance is the key to beauty. Whether it be the right combination of colours, the precise placement of artwork, or the scale of an arch, balancing the elements of a design is essential to its success. This ideal also applies to my approach, as I believe that purpose and beauty are equally important in any project.

I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know people. I tend to talk too much and usually with my hands. I love a good laugh. Nothing makes me happier than collaborating on a project, having a bit of fun, and achieving a completely personalised result for my clients.

I love interior design because I believe thoughtful design has the ability to enrich lives. A cohesive and beautiful space can create connection, as well as bring ease and joy to people’s lives. By getting to know my clients and being purposeful with the details, I design spaces that they love and that reflect the lifestyle they aspire to live.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I’d love to get to know you. Please feel free to contact me to keep the conversation going.




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