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coco April 14th, 2018


Confession: I’m a stalker.

A year and a half ago, I was living in London having just visited Australia for the first time. On that fateful trip, I had fallen in love. No, not with a person, but with a country. My hubby and I had been contemplating a move and I, a firm believer in signs, was waiting for one. This was it. This was my huge, blinding neon sign that we were meant to move to Sydney and live happily ever after.

But, while the universe was on board, it wasn’t going to magically teleport us in an instant. Instead, it was about 7 long months before we stepped foot back on Aussie soil. Hubby searched for jobs, endured intense interviews, negotiated offers, and applied for visas while I… well, I Instagram stalked the sh*t out of anything and everything I could find in Australia.

One of my very favourite accounts to obsess over was @atlanticbyronbay. As I sat in dreary, rainy England, it was like a beacon of light. A hope of what my new sun-soaked, beachside life would look like. It represented authentic Australian style and I couldn’t get enough.

And the infatuation didn’t wane when we finally got here – if anything it got more intense. I double clicked every single image they posted and studied every perfectly styled vignette. I was crushing haaard.

So you can imagine how giddy I got when we planned our first trip to Byron Bay and booked ourselves into a room at The Atlantic. To say it lived up to my dreams and expectations is an understatement. It was even better and more beautiful than I could have imagined. Every detail was considered, every corner curated. I fan-girled and photographed from the moment we checked in to when we pulled out of the driveway.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our first (and definitely not our last) stay at The Atlantic.


The comfy outdoor seating area of The Lodge. While I love the simplicity of the palette and the cosy cushions, my favourite details have to be the collected buoys and oars that give the space so much character.


From the seating to the signage and even the sky – the black, white and blue palette continues.


They have added natural pendants to the cover for the resident Moke and navy blue Tokyobikes that guests can take out at any time.


Black canvas butterfly chairs provide chic, yet comfy and practical seating around the nightly bonfire.


The outdoor kitchen at The Lodge is styled to perfection in a not trying too hard way. From the raw timber to the fun signage to the staghorn ferns, it feels natural and just right.


The monochromatic palette works equally well indoors as it does outdoors, especially when juxtaposed against the lush greenery.


The entrances to the Albatross Inn rooms are a perfect example of how every detail has been considered. I love the outdoor lights and the little cacti that adorn each door.


If ever there was a place to inspire garden envy, The Atlantic’s botanical landscape is second to none. They have mastered the perfect mix of plants to feel lush and tropical, but not overgrown.


We stayed in The Little Palm house and had an ideal little balcony that overlooked the lap pool and nature reserve. More than a couple bottles of rosé were enjoyed out here!


Each building had it’s own common living area with ample areas to lounge. Their decor and selection of coffee table books were adeptly curated.


In the Little Palm, we had a gorgeous dining and seating area that felt incredibly inviting. The warm timbers, lived-in leather and textiles, and eclectic mix of decor made us feel welcome to lounge and linger.


Who wouldn’t want to spend a day reading and relaxing in here? It hits exactly the right note between sophistication and comfort.


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