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coco July 13th, 2018


Here at Cote, we love a good rug and what it can do for a room. A good rug completes a space. Connects it. Gives it personality and soul. 

A room without a rug is a bit like a baking a big, beautiful cake for your child’s birthday party and not adding any icing.

Is it still a cake? Yes.

Can you still put candles in it? Sure.

Is your kid going to eat it? Maybe (but they’re definitely not going to thank you for it).

Are you going to find yourself sneaking to the fridge to indulge your midnight cravings for those scrumptious leftovers? HELL NO! 

It’s just not that good. It’s dry. It’s lacklustre. It doesn’t make your mouth water or your heart sing.

So our message (beyond don’t you dare give us a cake without icing) is a room should always have a rug. A good rug. The right rug.

But we also know that the right rug can be hard to find. How many times have you Googled “where to buy rugs?” and come up with listing after listing, page after page of overwhelmingly wrong rugs? Yea, let’s not do that again!

Perhaps you know what you’re looking for but don’t know where to find it. Or maybe you just need some inspiration to get you started. We feel you and we’ve got you covered! We have rounded up our very favourite rug suppliers, each specialising in just the type of rug you’re looking for.

Oh! And one last thing…

Here at Cote, what we love even more than a good rug in the right room is a good rug in the right room with a beautiful backstory. So all of these suppliers are not only known for their gorgeous creations and collections but also for the incredible ways in which they make, source, and sell their rugs. When you buy from them, your conscience can feel as good as your toes do wiggling on your stunning new rug!





Image via Armadillo & Co.


Armadillo & Co rugs are simple, elegant, and incredibly good quality. Their designs are subtle, nuanced and just oh-so-perfect. Each rug is handmade and hand-finished in India from natural materials. You can practically feel the time, skill, and care that has gone into each one.

While all of their ranges are worth a perusal, we particularly love their Earth collection for its natural warmth that would be perfectly suited for a casual, coastal setting.

We personally couldn’t decide if we liked their sturdy jute or luscious wool rugs more, so we bought the Kalahari which combines the two! It’s perfect in our living room and looks just as good as the day we bought it despite the dog’s penchant for rolling around on it.

We’re also swooning over the new additions to the Latitude range. This collection is perfectly contemporary and offers “an inviting sense of calm enlivened by gentle patterns and rich texture.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

As their website states, Armadillo & Co combines aesthetics and ethics which is perfectly summed up in their tagline: “Our rugs lie lightly on this earth”. They do so in a way that appears graceful and effortless, although we know they put a lot of hard work into it.  They have built their business on the ideas of Fair Trade, sustainability, and social responsibility. Well, that and making the best rugs out there!






It’s no secret that we have a major crush on Pampa here at Cote. It might be getting embarrassing how much we keep proclaiming our love for this Byron-based business with Argentine roots. But who cares? We’re going to keep on doing it!

Pampa’s rugs are like your ruggedly handsome, earthy, well-traveled, super-interesting-but-not-in-a-pretentious-way neighbour. Humble. Unassuming. But really nice to look at and you’d like to lie him on your floor.

Oops! Did we go to far? Have a look at their site and you tell us if we’re wrong.

All the rugs Pampa sells are handmade on traditional looms by artisans in remote areas of Argentina. They have a deep sense of place and you feel almost transported. Pampa very successfully “connects talented weavers with the global community” and we are grateful for their vision and commitment.

Beyond their obvious respect for the craft and the skilled people behind it, Pampa uses natural materials and dyes making their wares ones you can feel good about buying. And ones that will last. Their flat, tight weave make them a very practical option for all areas of your space.

While they have a gorgeous assortment of rugs available for purchase, they also offer the option to pre-order or even design your own. We love them all but really can’t look past the Celeste, Esther and Providencia.





Image via Nouvelle Nomad.


Are you in the market for an authentic vintage Moroccan rug to fulfill all of your gorgeous, bohemian dreams?

Can you just imagine yourself sitting barefoot and cross-legged on the plush wool and recounting tales of your amazing world travels?

Does your boho bubble burst when you realise the closest souk is about 18,045km away?

Not to fret! The lovely Bridget, founder of Nouvelle Nomad, has travelled the distance and done all the hard work for you.

She not only has a personal love for Morocco and has been there countless times, she also has THE eye for spotting the perfectly bright, yet time-faded colours and one-of-kind pieces.

To curate Nouvelle Nomad’s collection, she works directly with family run businesses in Morocco to source handmade rugs from the Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains. She has personal relationships with her suppliers and is committed to sourcing her wares ethically and with integrity.

Our favourite thing about Bridget and Nouvelle Nomad? They call their rugs “treasures” and they mean it.

A quick click over to their website and you’ll see how each unique rug is individually held, photographed, and lovingly described.

So when we’re looking for the perfect characterful piece with a true sense of history, Nouvelle Nomad is where we turn first.



Bonus time! Here are 4 more of our go-to places to buy rugs:



With a massive collection of rugs across both Classic and Contemporary showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne, Cadrys is the go-to for finely-crafted rugs. They have everything from 1800s vintage beauties to exclusive partnerships with global designers to their own in-house design library. We’re particularly loving the collaboration they recently launched with Walter G (we love those ladies)! Cadrys is a member of GoodWeave, the leading authority on ending child labour in the production of handwoven rugs.



Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India,  Langdon Ltd’s rugs have oodles of playful personality and a feel-good story. With their fun pops of colour and metallic threads, these rugs would be perfect in a playroom or child’s bedroom.



An old favourite from our days in the States, we were thrilled to find out West Elm had made its way to Australia before we did. While it sells all sorts of homewares, we find ourselves ogling their rugs most often. They had a wide and frequently updated assortment at reasonable price points. And, despite being quite a large company, West Elm is still committed to carrying Fair Trade Certified™ products.



Another US company that has found roots in Australia, Dash & Albert is all about “designing rugs for real families and real life”. They craft them from materials that can stand the test of time, as well as kids, pets, and whatever else you throw at… errr… spill on them. A great resource for indoor/outdoor rugs and one that clearly states their opposition to child labour in the rug industry.



Feature image via Armadillo & Co.

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