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coco June 15th, 2018


I’m a lucky lady. I got to grow up on a small, tropical island in the Caribbean.

My house was on the beach. We had views of the reef. My front yard was sand and coconut trees. My favourite after school activity was to dive off our dock still wearing my uniform (mum wasn’t thrilled with that one…) You could go just about anywhere barefoot. And to get around town? We drove a golf cart.

It was a pretty idyllic childhood in a pretty idyllic place.

And, while a few things have changed in Belize since I’ve been following my wanderlust around the world, it is still the pretty much the same. And a wonderful place to get to go back to every so often.

You’re probably wondering, “Where is this little slice of paradise?”

Belize, of course! (It’s in the title…)

“Wait… what? Where??? I’ve never even heard of Bay-leeeze.”

If you’re like half the people I meet, you have no clue where Belize is much less anything about the tiny, far flung country. Well, first up, let’s keep things easy and call it “buh-leez”. And I’m a Belizean (“buh-lee-zhan”). A proud one at that!

So, I though I would share some fun facts about my beautiful birth country. Maybe they will entice you to plan a holiday. Maybe they’ll help you on trivia night.

Either way, here are five things you should know:


1. While I grew up on an island, Belize is actually part of Central America. The mainland borders Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea.

2. It is a former British colony and remains part of the Commonwealth. The Queen is on our money too.

3. The national language is both English and Spanish.

4. We have one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, second only to my new home, Australia! Hence, Belize is a popular destination for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

5. People also come for the balmy weather, swaying palm trees, friendly people, jungle adventures, and Maya ruins. And a lot of them never leave (hey there, Mum!)


At the risk of sounding braggy, want to know why else I’m lucky?

Because I just got to celebrate my 30th birthday with the people I love most in one of the places I love most. And it was EPIC!

There were boat trips to other islands, snorkeling adventures, delicious dinners, lazy beach days, a Mexican fiesta complete with a piñata and dancing til 3am, recovery brunches, pool parties, spa days, and too many cocktails to count. I couldn’t ask for a more fun way to ring in my third decade!

So, I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the trip courtesy of my hubby who wielded the camera while I was a bit too busy holding my champagne glass. #sorrynotsorry

I hope these convince you to add Belize to your dream destination list.

And, if you ever visit, please contact me! I will send you a list of all my favourite things to do, see, eat and drink. Cheers!














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